Our Facilities

Wingberry Farms is excited to announce the completion of the new 66,000 square foot outdoor Grand Prix Arena (300x220feet).

It is complete with Travel Right’s TR2 footing and natural jumps with a large water jump and bank.  Surrounded by beautiful trees and a gazebo to enjoy the country fresh air.

Grass Grand Prix ring.
Natural jumps and water jump

Barns & Stalls

Our barn is an airy dust-free barn where all the box talls are large and bright with automatic water supply.  We have windows throughout the barn with lots of natural light, and soft stall footing base in all stalls.  The soft stall system reduces stress on your horses’ legs, eliminates hock sores, reduces bacteria build up, speeds recovery time versus conventional stall bases and importantly, guarantees maximum comfort for your horse. All stalls are sanitized daily to ensure a healthy, infection free facility.


Security cameras, alarm system and a fire rated protection system combined with staff and owner residing on the property to provide comfort levels for the security and safety of your horse.


Large covered Equi-ciser with therapeutic footing available all year round for exercised and conditioning.